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Last weekend was like a game of musical chairs for Los Angeles Kings goalies and their coaches
25.10.2016 23:48

Last weekend will be long remembered as a mad race for goalkeepers in the organization of the Kings ... and goalkeeper coaches.

Kings coach Bill Ranford goalkeeper was preparing for its game Saturday concert tending goal for a spell for the Edmonton Oilers against the Winnipeg Jets in a match of former Winnipeg. His day has changed when he received a message from Dusty Imoo goalie coach for the AHL affiliate Kings hockey in Ontario, California.

No. 2 The Kings guard, Jeff Zatkoff, suffered a groin injury during the training session on Saturday morning, landing on the disabled list and trigger a reaction in the organizational chain. The Kings have already dealing with the long-term absence of the injured No. 1 goalie Jonathan Quick.

"Sure put a hole in my morning," Ranford said.

Ranford returned to Winnipeg and was at Kings practice Monday in El Segundo. Among the injuries, there was positive news: Peter Budaj and kings prevailed over the Vancouver Canucks in shootout Saturday night. In a slice of the history of hockey in Ontario, 46 ​​Dusty Imoo saved his son, Jonas Imoo in the overtime loss of the reign of San Jose Barracuda.

"I have him texting," Budaj said Dusty. "I kind of imagine myself in his situation -. If my son would play and I'd be on the bench, I would definitely sweat more than usual you love your children more than you love yourself. "

Budaj added, "It's the coolest thing."

Ontario has another guard Monday the signing of 30 Troy Redmann a professional test, so as expected Dusty was released from his professional test. The reign was scrambling Saturday because the goalie Jack Campbell joined the Los Angeles Kings for Budaj save after injury Zatkoff.

Order should be restored in Los Angeles and Ontario next week, maybe.

Kings coach Darryl Sutter said Zatkoff will likely be sidelined for a week, which could come off injured after the Kings returned from a trip of two games in St. Louis and Chicago this weekend.

The busy schedule means that Campbell could get his second NHL start. His debut in the league came three years ago in Anaheim when he was with the Dallas Stars. The Ducks defeated the Stars 6-3 in the NHL debut can Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen, who came in relief of Jonas Hiller.

Ranford said that kings first tried to acquire Campbell, a first-round pick by the stars in 2010, at the trade deadline last season. They succeeded in the summer, sending defenseman Nick Ebert in Dallas in a trade.

Campbell said Monday he "felt disappointed" by letting the stars down. But the change of scenery helped, as well as mentoring and Ranford Dusty Imoo.

"I've always idolized Quickie [Jonathan Quick] as a goalkeeper," said Campbell. "I always watched his games. Now I understand why the guards here have been so successful with Billy and Dusty."

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