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Los Angeles Kings Have Disastrous Start to the Season
04.11.2016 01:48

Los Angeles Kings have got a very rough start this season and it does not look like a Stanley Cup team for this Point.

The Los Angeles Kings are not located in the best place right now. Losing Jonathan Quick add salt to the wound of an offense that is not improving. The team that just a few years ago won the Stanley Cup is back to being the team struggled to just get a goal.

This is not all about losing Quick. One would think that the defense will raise their game and the backup will perform admirably. That is not the case here. The defense has been lackluster at best, and Peter Budaj just do not like Quick. Not even close.

The team has not scored in their last three games. Patrick Kane Jersey. The attack is less, less defensive, and even had one in the net, there is no real keeper. Instead, Budaj performance was so bad that the Kings are looking to give Jack Campbell was the beginning of the NHL.

But, if the defense gets their act together, it would be a mistake to do better? They have shot and opportunities, but no goals. Anze Kopitar creative ability is lost, and the power of defense Drew Doughty just not there.

In fact, it seems the Kings can not compete. They were beaten in speed, creativity, and overall quality. The team we have ever seen as dominant now look as if it is at the bottom of the barrel.

If anything, Los Angeles will have to find a trade to make sure his team afloat this season. What should be the return to form of the Stanley Cup, now seems to be a rebuilding season for a team that has attracted worldwide attention.


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